UOKOO Mini IP Camera review

UOKOO Mini IP Camera with evolving technology everyday need have also reached a new level. People have always been protective of their family and belongings and now with WiFi wireless security cameras. It has become easier for people to watch over things even when they are not around their family, kids or belongings. Our surveys have shown that several private schools use such surveillance cameras for parents to watch over their children when they are in school for a more satisfaction about the quality of education the school is offering and to let parents see how their children are performing in school, especially the ones who just started going to school.

UOKOO Mini IP Camera has proven to be very helpful for moms to watch over their children in their room in the cradle or playing with while doing her own work. The alerts system calls for moms when their baby wakes up in the night or simply to make a voice command your dog when he is messing around upon alert notification. When you are not at home, it is can very watch over a patient in your home all the time

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UOKOO Mini IP Camera ReviewFeatures:

UOKOO Mini IP Camera Review – Home WiFi Wireless Security Surveillance Camera has some listed features and description when you look up for it:

  • It claims to have an easy set up enabling users to get going with the surveillance in less than 5 minutes.
  • UOKOO Mini IP Camera supported with all WiFi technology by not 5G WiFi
  • It connects with you through the installation of an Application in your phone, the App supports any android/iPhone mobiles tablets and also installs in you MAC book or PC, all these applications give remote access to your camera from anywhere and at any time.
  • It gives a total wireless surveillance.
  • The camera requires a power cable for current and it comes along with the camera.
  • UOKOO Mini IP Camera to be motion detecting and sends instant alerts to your email address along with the pictures/screen shots of the movement that it captures.
  • Easily wall mounted and can also be mounted on any surface
  • It claims to have two-way audio feature and night vision for up to 16 feet.
  • The name of the App is “iSmartViewPro” it doesn’t work on mobile data and only support WiFi as it works on 2.4Ghz wireless channels only. All the instructions and accessories come with the camera to make it easier for people to install and use.

UOKOO Mini IP Camera Review



  • The product does have easy installation, and if initially the camera and the phone are connected to the same IP the set up will not take more than 5 minutes, it comes with a complete guide for the installation process making it very effortless to start up.
  • It has very good image quality making it easier to see everything in the room.
  • Its motion detection is very good.
  • It is very sensitive to sounds and the audio quality is perfect when it comes to sound detection.
  • The App is great and easy to use with very simple features and all essential requirements one can expect from a surveillance App at this price. It allows you to record anything at any time and lets you take screenshots as well and all the data that you record or the pictures you take are stored withing your App on your phone memory. The App allows you to zoom in and see things closely as well.

UOKOO Mini IP Camera Review


  • The product does not have a two-way audio feature as it claims to have in the listed features, so you can basically hear a thing but you can not speak back through your camera in the room or place where the cameras are. You cannot stop your dog from messing around with your favorite vase because this camera doesn’t allow you to send any voice commands.
  • It doesn’t have any night vision at all, it is very negative about this surveillance camera that is doesn’t let you see things in the dark and it should not have been in the description because all most everyone prefers buying a surveillance camera that has both day and night vision.
  • It does not have any internal memory or SD card support which makes it a negativity as well.
  • The description says that you can put the camera on a desk but even putting it on a 4-5 feet table it will only show you your ceiling unless you put something else below its pivot to bend the camera a bit a for more straighter view of the room, however it can work well it mounted on the wall.

Based on the reviews of other buyers:

UOKOO Mini IP Camera has overall good rating and people are satisfied by what they bought with minimal issues at the start up and installation process. However, some people have complained about problem of camera connecting to WiFi at some stage. Poor customer service, and that sometimes it works great and other times it just would work, by that they mean it would not connect to the WiFi.

The value of Money:

For $36 this camera is a good buy if you already know the Pros and Cons of the product and are okay to compromise on the cons of the product in this price. But there are many other companies who would offer a good surveillance camera with more features which truly exist in this price.

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Overall, it is a good buy needs some changes in the description of the product so that people know what they are buying.

Because it truly is disappointing when some of the features listed in the description are not even there.
However, For its price – you really can’t go wrong here. It also receives many other good reviews and ratings online. In my opinion, it is the perfect IP camera for those who have a very limited budget but still look for an IP camera with good video quality.