Thailand Tourist Places Reviews

Are you planning to travel to Asia? and you want to come to Thailand? You are looking to find out things to do in Thailand, Thailand tourist places, best resorts, best beaches in Thailand, and where you to go in Thailand?

Thailand, a country famous for the tourism industry, is one of the most attractive destinations in Southeast Asia with an average of more than 12 million visitors per year. Travelers have favored the beautiful country with such words as “the country of golden pagodas”, “tourist paradise”, “shopping paradise”, “land of friendly smiles “… You will be very excited to come to Thailand by the beautiful scenery, pristine, magnificent temple system, splendid entertainment, bustling entertainment, traditional festivals, sharp.

And of course, when you coming to Thailand don’t forget visiting the beautiful island of Phuket with smooth white sand, green pine forest; Pattaya city with leisure activities such as boating, diving, box Thailand; And there are still many Thai tourist destinations that travelers can not help but discover and miss.

Now, we go to find out the best places to visit in ThailandThailand Tourist Places Reviews and let’s find out about things to do in Thailand

Best places to visit in Thailand

Beautiful Thailand country has many attractive destinations that not all new visitors are aware of. If you come to Thailand for the first time or want to travel around the country alone, here are some suggestions for Best places to visit in Thailand.

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1. Royal Palace

The Grand Palace is one of the most significant cultural tourist destination noted for in the capital Bangkok. The Palace is a complex of monumental architecture, is made by three main areas include the Imperial Palace, the Imperial Office and the temple with three typical towers, curved roof, sharp peak.

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This place has a special feature, not easily fade in mind visitors, that is the Golden Tower, the Golden Temple. At any time, especially evenings, blazing yellow, the glittering shine of a region of Sun City by the glow of the 24 karat gold leaf inlaid on the Tower, the temple. Right at the main gate is hoping big guards with a unit of the Royal guards, elite, trained in the patrol, day and night, the keepers.

  • Open daily from 08:30 PM – 15:30 P.M
  • Address: Na Phra Lan Road, Old City (Rattanakosin)
  • Admission: 200 baht/person (include Vimanmek entrance ticket).

Thailand Tourist Places Reviews - Things to do in Thailand

The Grand Palace. Photo: Internet

2. Jade Buddha Temple

The Jade Buddha Temple is the largest temple in Bangkok, located in the historical center of Bangkok (Phra Nakhon), within the grounds of the Royal Palace. This is where the most elite focus on Buddha’s pagoda architecture in Thailand, with numerous Buddha and the shrine.

In it, the Jade Buddha is the largest, solemn, sacred, covering the religious atmosphere. Outside the statue, the god of the gate is taller than the real one. On the pedestal made of gold 2m high gold is the altar of Jade Buddha carved from a block of pure jade, 66cm high. The Jade Buddha statue is the most important statue to the Thai people, is the supreme symbol of the King of Thailand.

  • Open daily from 08:30 A.M – 12:00 A.M and 13:00 P.M – 15:30 P.M
  • Admission: 125 baht per person.
  • Address: Na Phralan, Phra Nakorn (inside the Grand Palace).

Thailand Tourist Places Reviews - Things to do in Thailand

Jade Buddha Temple. Photo: Internet

3. Golden Buddha Temple

Golden Buddha Temple is located in Chinatown, Chinatown is home to the largest Golden Buddha statue in the world. The Thai people think that this Buddha statue is a symbol of prosperity and purity as well as strength and power.

  • Open daily from: 09:00 A.M – 17:00 P.M
  • Admission: 20 baht per person.

Thailand Tourist Places Reviews - Things to do in Thailand

Golden buddha temple. Photo:

4. Vimanmek Palace

Vimanmek Palace was originally a Royal Palace of Thailand, built by King Rama V in 1901. This is the teak wood building beautiful yellow and the largest in the world, at the same time is stay ideal to avoid the heat of summer in Bangkok.

Vimanmek has three floors, including the 81 rooms, halls, and living rooms. Near the entrance, there is a unique collection of thirteen Royal chariot from the time of King Rama V. Vimanmek Palace was built in 1901 and since then was carefully preserved in order to promote the prosperity and splendor of a golden era.

  • Open daily from: 08:30 PM – 16:30 P.M
  • Address: Rajavithi Road, Dusit District
  • Admission: 100 baht per person

Thailand Tourist Places Reviews - Things to do in Thailand

Vimanmek Palace. Photo: Internet

5. Chao Phraya River

From the port That Wat Ratchasingkhon, you can catch a taxi boat on the river. This is also the best way to visit the Chao Phraya River and enjoy all the scenery along the river.

Sitting on a scenic boat, you’ll see the wooden house built on water, see the children swimming and playing, feel the taste, image and cuisine of the people of Bangkok.

  • Admission: 15 baht per person

Thailand Tourist Places Reviews - Things to do in Thailand

Thailand Tourist Places Reviews - Things to do in Thailand

Chao Phraya River. Photo: Internet

6. Jim Thompson House Museum

Jim Thompson is an intelligence officer and a businessman, he has contributed to Thailand’s silk reaching out to the world. Bangkok is the main place where he lived and died, after his disappearance a secret way in 1967 during the trip to Camerron plateau in Malaysia.

To remember and thank the work of Jim Thompson had made for this place, the Thai people kept and built his house into a small museum with the things he used. The Jim Thompson House is one of the few teak houses that still preserves precious antique collections.

  • Open daily from 09:00 A.M – 17:00 P.M.
  • Address: Soi Kasem San 2, Thanon Rama 1
  • Admission: 100 baht for adult, 50 baht for a child.

Thailand Tourist Places Reviews - Things to do in Thailand


1. Phang Nga Bay

With Thailand tourist places, Phang Nga Bay is home to the giant limestone mountains, straight out of the sea Phuket. With an area of 400 km ², this place is easy to relate to Ha Long Bay of Vietnam. The spacious limestone mountains filled with shapes, these caves were there from the ancient time for visitors to drop his imagination in a way the most abundant.

Thailand Tourist Places Reviews - Things to do in Thailand

Phang Nga Bay. Photo:

2. 007 Island – James Bond Island

James Bond Island (007) is one of the most famous islands in the Phang Nga Bay and is the film’s famous film “007-The Man with The Golden Gun” should be referred to as the island of 007. The island has many rocks with strange shape nicely and the term natural caves.

Thailand Tourist Places Reviews - Things to do in Thailand

James Bond Island (007). Photo:

3. Phi Phi Island

How about 2.54 kilometers from Phuket is the islands Phi Phi Island, one of the world’s most famous and cleanest tourist islands. On this island, you can participate in water sports such as sailing, surfing, diving … try the fresh seafood, delicious, or find inspirational poetry when viewing the coconut, coral reefs, sea and foot fence songs heard. Enjoy the fresh air this place along with the beautiful natural scenery, soak in the cool sea breezes.

Thailand Tourist Places Reviews - Things to do in Thailand

Golden triangle

In Thailand Tourist Places, The Golden Triangle is a quite famous place, not only in Thailand but around the world. This place used to be the headquarters of opium magnates, but today everything related to this plant has been demolished to give way to a green of ecotourism. At present the trading activity, tourism took place very lively, dedicated to serving the needs of amusement, entertainment, buying and selling of access to tourism and sightseeing.

Thailand Tourist Places Reviews - Things to do in Thailand


1. Koh Larn Island – Coral Island

The island of Koh Larn or coral island is one of the places that attracts many visitors to Thailand. With beautiful natural scenery, fresh air, Sun sea together with a blueness, the sparkling coral reefs intact wild looks to me a real sense of tranquility. Here you can play a lot of games under water as the water motor-racing, surfing, parachuting or ocean adventure, or enjoy the unique seafood dishes at affordable prices.

Thailand Tourist Places Reviews - Things to do in Thailand

Koh Larn Island. Photo: the Internet

2. Nong Nooch Tropical Garden & Cultural Village

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden & Cultural Village located 25 km away from Pattaya to be viewed as a “garden of Eden where earthly” with the fresh natural setting and gorgeous. Here you have the opportunity to see the unique cultural performances such as elephant performances, traditional martial arts, traditional Thai dances.

Thailand Tourist Places Reviews - Things to do in Thailand

Nong Nooch Tropical Garden & Cultural Village. Photo: the Internet

Some things to remember when traveling to Thailand

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Things to do in Thailand

  • You should be expressed respect for the King, Queen and Royal family of Thailand because that is who the Thai people very fetish. Thais early morning and late afternoon often recited prayers in honor of their king. If you are present when the Thai people pray, you must take a serious attitude towards them.
  • Should dress politely and neatly in sacred places such as temples, churches, Buddha … Men have to wear clothes, don’t wear shorts and do not wear slippers, ladies dress discreetly polite, don’t wear short skirts, slim clothing, sleeveless jackets, pants, shoes not quai late … If the violation of this rules you will not be on the tour.
  • Take the hotel’s card to call taxi / tuk tuk.
  • Many hotels in Thailand do not equip with toothpaste, toothbrushes, slippers. So, travel to Thailand, you remember to prepare yourself these supplies.

Things not to do in Thailand

  • Should not wear shoes inside the places where Buddha images.
  • Should not climb up any Buddha.
  • Should not be dressed in the kind of “cool” or makeup too sober in places of worship.
  • If you are a woman, should not touch of monks. If a woman wants to take something for monks, they are put through a man.
  • Do not rub the top of others whether it is children.
  • Should not manifest the love of men and women in public places.
  • Should not remove the cigarette or chewing gum in public places.
  • When greeting Thai people, you should say hello to two style hand pieced together before the chest, head slightly bowed down.

Thailand Tourist Places Reviews - Things to do in Thailand

When greeting Thai people, you should say hello to two style hand pieced together before the chest, head slightly bowed down. Photo:


With Thailand tourist places, We have listed in the section above, we hope you will discover and enjoy the real holiday fun, happy family and friends party in Thai country beautiful, hospitable