Super Premium Wild Salmon Canned Food Review

When I writing Evanger’s Super Premium Wild Salmon Canned Food review. I used it, after using it for 6 weeks for both my pets.

Pets have sensitive bodies as human beings as well, and prone to all bacterias, diseases, and infections. Apart from the care, the pets need in rearing their health and wellness greatly depend on the food they eat.

I assume just like me, many other pet owners do not have time to prepare the wet food themselves for their pets and they do go for canned food. Super Premium Wild Salmon Canned Food Is one of them.


It is made from 100% salmon fish and the food is processed in water (boiled)

Nutrient contents:

  • Crude Protein (min) 14%
  • Crude Fat (min) 7%
  • Crude Fiber (max) 1.5%
  • Moisture (max) 75%

The ingredients and nutrient contents, make up a full meal for the pet for one-time use (depending on the age and nutritional requirements of your pet, it might not be sufficient in some cases and it might be more than sufficient in other cases).

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Use for my Dog:

When I gave my dog the very first meal of Evanger’s Super Premium Wild Salmon Canned Food I could see how much he loved it, he finished all of it at once and faster than his daily meals of the same proportion.

I could see how happy he was the very first meal he tasted he just loved the flavor of fish cherished every bit of it. Realizing the extra amount of happiness and energy he got from that meal, I started giving it to him in the days instead of giving it to him in the night.

After two weeks, there was a visible change in his behavior, he was happier, more playful and more active. He also put on some weight by the 4th week and by the 5th week I could see the visible shine in his coat and since then I have not stopped giving him his Evanger’s Super Premium Wild Salmon Canned Food (12oz) once every day in the morning.

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Use for my Cat:

I started my cat with Evanger’s Super Premium Wild Salmon Canned Food (6oz) the same day I started to use it fro my dog, once every morning.

My Persian cat seemed to love the food. Which cat would hate to eat fish? None! And so did she love it as well she finished the entire bowl in minutes, which I was not expecting considering the size of her stomach and her usual appetite, but I had to try it on her see for the sake of her well-being and better health.

After the very first meal I had the same concerns I had for my dog, would it suit her stomach? I kept observing her stool, which had become softer on the very first day, but on the 4th day it had become very runny and my cat got very sick, with dehydration, laziness and everything else.

I stopped using canned food for her and did not give her until she was fine, later I continued to give it to her once or twice a week only. I saw a visible positive difference in the color, hair growth, health, playfulness, and happiness of my cat, but I just realized that too much quantity is not good for her.

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Why should you choose?

I suggest if you are struggling a lot to find the right canned food for your pets, I do not guarantee 100% results, but I have been a pet owner for years and I recommend that it might put an end to your struggle and Evanger’s Super Premium Wild Salmon Canned Food turns out to be the best for your pets.


I would say that the price is a bit higher than it should actually be and falls in the category of expensive as compared to other related brand’s canned food.

Value of money:

If the use of Evanger’s Super Premium Wild Salmon Canned Food gives you desired results for your pets, I would say it is definitely worth the expensiveness, putting an end to all the stress you were taking for not being able to find the right wet food for your pet’s better health, coat, and activeness. It is a mere plus if your pet loves it too.

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After Evanger’s Super Premium Wild Salmon Canned Food Review, Although I am not guaranteeing 100% satisfactory result, but I am advocating the fact that it is worth a try at least. It has no serious side effects, but if it turns out to be good for your pets, you can continue using it as long as you want. Just like humans, all the pets have different sensitivity levels for the food they eat, especially if you have not been giving them much variety of food to eat since the beginning.