Sendinblue Review

Do you have E-Commerce store or website services? and you want to send an email to your customer every week? You can’t be sent via Gmail (Limit 500 email per day) or Yahoo Mail (100 emails per day)…Don’t worry, SendinBlue can make that, you can send up to 40.000 email per day or more (It depends on the package you use). They offer not only email marketing services but also SMS Marketing.

Moving on now, here is our detailed review of the SendinBlue email marketing service:

What is SendinBlue?

SendinBlue empowers businesses to build and grow relationships through marketing campaigns, transactional messaging and marketing automation. Their platform combines a robust suite of email and SMS messaging services within a single, user-friendly solution.

Just most like Campaigner, Mailchimp, SendinBlue makes it easy to design mobile-friendly emails, manage large contact lists, track results, and optimize campaigns. Powerful features like unlimited contact details, customizable sign-up forms, inbox testing, and automated campaigns even come standard!

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What are features?

Contact Manager

Full-featured contact management functionality it provided by this app include: Email list, import, export file.

Sendinblue Review - Email Marketing for E-commerce

Email Design

Process for an administrator to create personalized email templates from scratch or incorporate and leverage existing templates and No Design Skills Required

  • Drag & Drop Designer: No design experience? No problem! Let the drag & drop designer do all the heavy lifting.
  • Template Gallery: Select and customize templates for emails that are easy to create and uniquely yours.
  • Mobile-Friendly Emails: Use our drag & drop designer to create emails that look beautiful on any device.
  • Personalized Content: Personalize emails with your contacts’ details and preferences for increased engagement.
  • Inbox Preview: Test and optimize your campaigns before sending for 100% confidence.

Sendinblue Review - Email Marketing for E-commerce

Mail Sent API

They offer API used to send emails (e.g. Web API, SMTP API, SMS API). The SendinBlue API makes it easy for programmers to integrate many of SendinBlue’s features into other applications.

Use their plugins to connect with popular CMS and e-commerce platforms.

Sendinblue Review - Email Marketing for E-commerce

Analytics Integration / Reporting or Statics

How many emails has been sent, opened, clicked, delayed or unsubscribe? You will see it in the control panel

Sendinblue Review - Email Marketing for E-commerce

Transactional Messaging

  • Reliable Delivery: Ensure your welcome messages, order confirmations, shipping notifications, app alerts, and other important emails reach the inbox.
  • Message Archiving & Logs: Archive and search all historical transactional email and SMS messages.

SendinBlue Automation

SendinBlue Automation empowers you to reach your audience at just the right moment. Create workflows to send targeted email and SMS messages based on your contacts’ behavior.

Security & Authentication

Use SPF, DKIM, and DMARC security protocols and a dedicated IP to securely sign emails with your domain and completely control your reputation.

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Price Range

Based on the numbers of emails you send in a month, the plans start from a low $7.37/mo. (40,000 emails) and move higher based on your email volumes.

Sendinblue Review - Email Marketing for E-commerce

Where can I use SendinBlue?

Many leading apps, e-commerce platforms, and CMS tools integrate directly with SendinBlue including: Prestashop, WordPress, Magento, Drupal, Shopify, PrestaShop, WooCommerce, Zapier, OptinMonster, and more.

API can be used by platforms developed in various languages like PHP, Java, Node.js, Python, C# and Ruby. It is recommended that developers

Cons of SendinBlue

  • Import limit files with CSV or TXT (Not include XLS or VCF)
  • Support and commercial behavior are certainly what make write a negative review. The interface is also quite a difficult point.
  • We do feel as if deliverability issues (ie. emails going to spam) is more common here than on other platforms I’ve used.


Email marketing is indispensable in your business. Whether you use SendinBlue or Gmail, it’s important to get a list of customers that match your send content. Otherwise, they will mark you as a spammer and remove you from the game. We hope that with the features, strengths, and weaknesses of Sendinblue already listed, you will be choosing a professional marketing solution.

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