Hop on Hop off Los Angeles Review

Starline has just come up with an exciting offer to explore the stunning city of Los Angeles.  If you are planning a trip to Los Angeles do not forget to avail the star line offer of Hop on Hop off Los Angeles, as this offer is simply worth it.

Hop on Hop off Los Angeles is a wonderful offer that will surely give the tourists an amazing opportunity to explore the beauty and splendor of the Dazzling city of Los Angeles and this thrilling offer also expects to take the tourists by storm.

This trip is a must for everyone visiting Los Angeles, as it gives a beautiful ride into the charm of the sprawling city, and gives the tourists a captivating view of the city.

Hop on Hop off Los Angeles of Starline Tours

They offer 24-hour, 48-hour and 72-hour passes, giving you the freedom and flexibility to see the city on your own schedule while enjoying the comfort and convenience of their open-air double-decker bus service.

Their Hop-On Hop-Off Los Angeles bus tour service consists of four primary routes along with two connector lines, covering a total of more than 100 miles. Each of the four primary routes delivers over two hours of sightseeing enjoyment.

The touring bus hop on hop off Los Angeles comprises of almost 70 stops in the city. It offers one of the best ways to take the explorers of the city into the liveliness and excitement of the striking and enthusiastic city, with energetic and friendly citizens, who make the tourists feel at home by their hospitable nature.

The Six routes of Hop on Hop Off sightseeing bus service is separated into two categories like the four primary routes that are a Red route, Yellow Route, Purple Route, and Green route, and two connector Routes are the blue connector and orange connector. All these routes are intended to cover the whole city of Los Angeles, for the convenience of its tourists.

The six different designed routes of Hop on Hop off Los Angeles bus service are designed with great accuracy, and every route is planned in such a way that it makes sure to give the tourists a mesmerizing experience into the city.

The touring bus makes sure to give their tourists the comfort level, and the most interesting part of city sightseeing. Tour buses are that the tourists can stop and get off on any interesting spot of the city where they want to make a detailed tour.

What to Expect

This charming city promises its tours the most appealing tourist’s attraction spots so for sure making a trip to Los Angeles would not be regret.

On top, this entire city is home to many Hollywood celebrities and also to the Hollywood industries which attract the Hollywood fans that come flying to this city. There are many chances of coming across a celebrity while you are on your trip of exploring the magnificent city.

Starline offers its tourists a ride into so many famous places, most of them are related to the famous Hollywood industry, like the universal studios and the Hollywood sign, plus there is famous Chinese theater and walk of fame as well, for the Hollywood fans to visit.

It also has some amazing shopping spots, from the great and vast shopping malls to street vendors you will find them all for an amazing shopping experience in Los Angeles.

The Walt Disney Concert hall is another must visit tourist’s attraction of Los Angeles which is one of the finest pieces of contemporary architecture.

This city is also famous for its automobiles and you can see plenty of stylish automobiles roaming around the city of Los Angeles, there also automobile museums to visit in Los Angeles. This is why it becomes an amazing destination for automobile lovers as well.

Los Angeles also has some wonderful attractions for its artist visitors. You will come across some amazing art museums which will have marvelous art pieces on a display from all around the world.

Los Angeles becomes one of the remarkable tourist’s spots and to make your experience simply memorable, the city offers the Hop on Hop off Los Angeles service to explore the true enlightening essence of the city.


  • 24 hours: $49
  • 48 hours: $64
  • 72 hours: $79

Hop on Hop off Los Angeles