GoDaddy review – best cheap web hosting

Godaddy Registrar comes back stimulus once again hosting their services (which slightly less user) by promotional discounts Economy packages with $1/ month.

When you payment one year or more you will just lose $12, not cheap so that Godaddy also will bonus for you one free domain if you sign up for 12 months or more. Why so cheap? Today, in this article we will feel and our assessment of Godaddy.

Service Pros

– Server Strong

If you have been using Justhost, Ipage Host or GreenHost, it will be locked if your hosting package about 25% of CPU load. In fact, just your hosting about 5% CPU load your website will slow not need up to 25%, which is the main drawback of hosting services allow “Unlimited” now.
But there is a big difference Godaddy, your website can still run well despite increased CPU load of about 7% because Godaddy currently using the most advanced server technology (4GH).

– Cheap

Godaddy Review – Hosting cheap 1.99$

If you look at the table at Godaddy hosting, a price you will see the lowest package is $ 5.99 / month and the highest is $ 14.99 for the month, so it is not cheaper than other providers ?. But if you regularly use the services at Godaddy you will realize something is constantly generated coupon promotions, and almost every month there are always hosting packages monthly promotions. So price you see on the table its cost used for display only.

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– Integrating multiple tools

  • Including the common source: WordPress, Joomla, Drupal, SMF … .with one click to install
  • Verify website Google Webmasters account with one click
  • Create a sitemap for your website without plugins or other stuff
  • Integrated CDN (Content Delivery Networks) with a few clicks

* Support good WordPress

  • Install WordPress with one click.
  • Install plugins and themes through the panel, without FTP accounts.
  • CHMOD the files automatically in accordance with the rights.
  • Self-created files, configuration files when you install the plugin needs to do this (WP Super Cache, Google XML Sitemap, W3 Total Cache ….)
  • The plugin works well with the Loader and Zend IonCube requirements Optimize.

– Good Uptime

When you use cheap Hosting high downtime, causing loss of your website hits. But Godaddy does not, in terms of uptime is doing very well Godaddy

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Service Cons

– Bad support ever

  • Response time is extremely long.
  • But can also be extremely fast but only one sentence.
  • Copy & Paste the script is available, from email to chat.
  • Time refund (money back) is very little.
  • Support by phone is NOT FREE if you live outside the United States.

– Hosting control panel unwieldy

– Many scandals

Godaddy Although best known in the domain name service provider, but bring plenty of scandals, the most prominent supporters were bill SOPA / PIPA and some problems in the dubious marketing campaign. Currently, the two although this is no longer viable because there are too many objections, but still impressive that never fade with Godaddy customers during that time.

– Database Limited

Unlike other vendors when you can use as many as you like and create capacity how many databases also, but with this 2 Godaddy is limited to the first two packages, it only truly unlimited if you using the highest package, which is the Ultimate package.

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– High security with much fuss


With a small investment budget, GoDaddy along with 1& 1 Internet is the best cheap web hosting is the great choice for you. With good features help you build a website that meets your needs.