Epson Surecolor p600 review

Epson, a Japan-based company is one of the torchbearers of the computer electronic brands that are making lives better nowadays. They have a long history of making electronic since it originated in 1942 in Japan. The latest addition to their catalog of marvelous computer electronics is the EPSON SureColor p600. The superficial design, high-quality output, exceptional paper handling makes this worth your money and time. It is highly recommended by the professionals.


Whether you are a professional or an amateur photographer, you always demand high quality in your photographic prints. To ease your ways, Epson SureColor p600 was launched in September 2015. The Inkjet printer uses 9 UltraChrome HD pigments ink while printing. The resin encapsulation technology adds dramatic boldness to your images. Here is a complete list of its features and technical specifications.


Size and dimensions:

The size of the Inkjet printer is 21.6 x 30.3 x 17 inches. The weight of the product is 41.3 pounds.

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Touch-screen display:

For the maintenance and use of the printer, a 2.7 inches LCD screen is fitted in the front panel. It makes giving commands easier and you can have a look at the proceedings going on in your printer.

The design of the printer:

The rigidity and solidity of the internal chassis are improved in these printers.

Ink cartridges:

To allow maximum saturation and boldness in the prints, individual 25.9ml ink cartridges are inserted into the printer. Photo and Matte Black inks are installed and this has made the Black-ink type switching simple and easy.

Color vibrancy:

The use of the Three-level black ink technology has revolutionized the tonal transition and finishing off the black and white prints.

Advanced media handling:

The printer has a multi-sheet feeder, front-straight feeder and a roll feeder of 2-inches.

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The cost of the product lies round about $ 759. If you want to get it installed, you have to pay additional $56 for this purpose.

Pros and cons

The advanced features of this Inkjet printer are expected to get a lot of positive reviews. Here us a list of its pros and cons.


The setup of the printer is not painful and tiring at all. Whether you are using a Mac or a simple laptop, things would be sorted out pretty easily. Epson SureColor p600 is very easy to connect to any network. You have to shake it up a little bit before installing in order to get the heavier in particles suspending within the ink. It integrates with the Adobe Lightroom and makes printing a fun and an addiction.

Color accuracy:

Color accuracy is a rare feature of the Inkjet printer. While writing Epson SureColor p600 review, I want to make sure that the users know that the color accuracy and saturation are the things that have made this printer exceptional.

Easy usability:

The printer is easy to use due to its media handling and paper rolling abilities. Epson SureColor p600 pays attention to every small detail of the picture to be printed.


The printer is extremely versatile in its functions. It shifts from canvas to matte paper and from matte paper to glossy paper within minutes.

While writing an Epson SureColor p600 review, it’s essential to consider its cons as well, since most people who buy it use it for making a living. Let’s get an insight of its cons:

Limited paper size:

Most of the people have complaints about its small paper size. You can get a print of maximum 13 inches.

Costly inks:

The inks used in the printer are relatively expensive in comparison to the inks used in other Epson products.

Setup issues:

If you are connecting it to a Wi-Fi connection, you might experience that the printer has frozen or stuck for almost 5 to 10 minutes.

The Value of money:

The Epson Surecolor p600 review clearly shows that the printer is worth your money since it provides high quality and high capacity 13 X 19 inches panoramic prints with exceptional colors and graphics.

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Epson SureColor p600 comes with 9 inkjets, delivers exceptional top-tier photos and graphic outputs. The usability issues are somehow frustrating but Epson SureColor p600 reviews are mostly positive.