Canon Maxify MB5320 review

A multinational company of Japan, Canon Inc. is the leading brand that manufactures cameras, camcorders, printers, photocopiers and computer-related electronics. With such a huge reputation, it was essential that the latest product that it has produced must be of superficial quality and performance. And Canon Maxify MB5320 is one product of them


With Canon Maxify mb5320, Canon has once again conquered the International market. It is a printer with high quality, productivity and copying abilities.

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Size and dimensions:

The size of the product is standard and is given as 18.1 x 18.3 x 13.9 inches. The weight of this printer is 28.8 pounds, which is quite acceptable since printers with much more weight are also available in the market.

Lower cost of printing:

While writing Canon Maxify mb5320, let me make it clear that the inks used in this inkjet printer are most economical. A single black XL ink tank can yield Up to 2500 Black/ 1500 pages.

Printing speed:

When we talk about the printing speed of the Canon Maxify mb5320 it comes out that this printer can give a single print without giving you much hassle. A single print takes about 7 seconds on average. Multi-page copying is also available that allows you to get 23 black pages in one minute. The sheet capacity is also remarkable. It can hold up to 500 sheets at a single time.


The printer works on the built-in wireless connectivity features. This allows you to save a lot of time and you can scan anything from anywhere anytime without having issues of connectivity. It readily connects to Wi-Fi, Air Print, Cloud, USB, and Tablets.

LCD Screen:

One of the striking features to praise in the Canon Maxify mb5320 is the LCD Screen with MFP buttons. The screen is present on the front panel and allows you to operate the inkjet printer with comfort and ease. You can have full command on the working of the printer with the help of this touchscreen.

Dual Scanning:

The printer can scan both sides of the page simultaneously with Single Pass Duplex Scanning feature. This saves a lot of time.

High cartridge capacity:

Canon Maxify mb5320 is not a photo printer. Instead, it uses four colors in printing. These are cyan, yellow, magenta, and black. The printer is designed with new ink system named as Dual resistant High Density. This enables the printer to give sharpness and boldness to vivid and blurry colors. The inks used in this technology have more yield as compared to the normal cartridges.

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The price of Canon Maxify mb5320 is round about $ 400. The ink cartridges cost about $25 to 30 in the case of all the standard inks tanks.

Pros and cons

Reading the Canon Maxify mb5320 review, one must think about the pros and cons. It is essential to clarify the pros and cons so that buyers can decide whether they want to buy it or not. The Canon Maxify mb5320 has following features:


Whether it is the cost of the printer itself or the price of the printing, the cost is economical and lies within the range of every common man. The inks are not very costly. The high productivity also enables to get more prints in a single ink tank.

High productivity:

The productivity of the inkjet printer is also remarkable. The duplex scanning and printing are also the striking features. It saves a lot of time and money in most cases.

High quality:

The quality is often overlooked in printers but this is not the case with this one. It prints photos of high quality. The text clarity is also exceptional. The finesse and boldness of the print are also something to look for.

While there are cons as well, let’s take an insight:


The printer makes noise while working. So there could be improvements in reducing the noise.

Borderless prints:

The printer is unable to print borderless photos.

Touchscreen issues:

While it is a blessing, yet it has some uses like sponginess that is eventually undesirable.

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The value of Money

It’s definitely worth your money with the low cost of printing and time effectiveness.


Canon has filled it with all the necessary features, that too in good price. Canon Maxify MB532 is a must have product if you are a professional office worker.