Campaigner Reviews

With the emerging trend of social media and electronic marketing, there have also emerged some very efficient email marketing companies who make the launch marketing of your new product or services just a piece of cake and give you the desired level of popularity, success, and fame in no time. One of such companies is Campaigner, which is one of the leading email marketing companies. Below is a Campaigner Reviews and you will get a general overview of its features, pricing, and weaknesses.

Just most like SendinBlue, Mailchimp. Campaigner makes it easy for new businesses to get the breakthrough for a good start of their business and reach out as many people as they want and get in touch with them through one platform.

Campaigner reviews on Features

It allows email marketers to keep track of their customer email database quickly easily and efficiently.  You can import and grow your customer contacts data based on two methods offered by campaigner, custom field imports and bulk import of email contacts their functions are just the same as is their name

Standard Features

There are many other Standard features, delivery features, automation features, targeting features, integration features and Account Access Features offered by Campaigner to enhance the user experience of email marketers.

Campaigner report

Campaigner lets you analyze the success of your campaign closely and through various aspects like:

  • API reporting for reading pinpoint customer behavior and trends.
  • Google Analytics Reporting allows marketers to see metrics related to google with much ease and understanding like the drive away traffic from your website and the amount of traffic result in response to your email marketing campaign.
  • Mobile Reporting.
  • Social reporting.

Email Templates

Campaigner provides more than 900 templates to use for your email marketing campaigns, you can those templates according to the need of your customers, the need for your campaign and your target customers.

A/B split testing

One very cool feature campaigner has to offer is A/b split testing which allows you to know more about the success of your campaign before you have even started it through various trend reports and analysis.

Account Access Levels

If you are a big company running many campaigns and you are unable to keep track of everything yourself Campaigner offers you a very cool User Management tool from where you can assign the administrative role to any of your employees.


It is well known for one of the best customer services offered by an email marketing company, campaigner gives you a 24/7 customer service with all the efficiency, dedication, and morality.

Contact Management

Uploading, managing and moving contacts here and there for your campaigns is so easy with campaigner.

Free trial

It offers a free trial to email marketers and experience what it all takes to bring the best out of a business.

Up to 10 millions contact

Campaigner is very suitable for very large companies with a huge database that needs to handled and managed with more care and precision because of the bulk amount it is in.

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Campaigner reviews on Cons:

  • Although it offers a free trial, but it does require you to give all your credit card information before you sign up which is something they shouldn’t be asking to develop a greater level of trust among users.
  • Campaigner has reported some issues with importing contacts from Gmail among some of its users.
  • Some users have also complained that if you subscribe to any package and due to some reason you want to withdraw or halt your campaign, Campaigner would not refund your money, no matter what, I personally had no such experience.

Campaigner reviews on Price:

Campaigner Reviews & Rating 2017

  • You can always get an experience of the services and features of one of the best email marketing companies around, but once you get amazed by the work of Campaigner and the results it shows you in the improvement of your business sales, it provokes a marketer to continue using Campaigner as it is a trusted email marketing platform.
  • The free trial is doubtlessly one of their marketing strategies for themselves to attract more marketers to use their services, while other email marketing companies are not offering such an attractive free trial.
  • The customer Campaigner starts its packages from $19.95 for 1000 contacts and the list goes on for as many contacts one would like to be managed.
  • You can even contact them if you have any customized requirements for features you would like to use for any number of contacts to give you a price quote and the 24/7 available customer service will get back to you with a price quote.
  • Campaigner can take care of contacts databases of any size company for the right price.

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Value of Money

They offer the best competitive prices for marketers to achieve their entrepreneurial dreams. There is a lot of competition in this business and Campaigner is using very smart strategies like:

  • Free trial
  • Including all important features that a marketer would like to have, even in the cheapest package, this makes campaigner unique in its own way as the package of $19.95 per month would also have the same features as the one for $99.95 per month.
  • Having a 24/7 customer service of exceptional standard
  • Looks like Campaigner has put in some real efforts to stand out despite the immense competition.


Campaigner is email marketing platform is definitely worth the try and can give your business the breakthrough you are looking for, today’s businesses are more dependent on email marketing campaigns as the marketing techniques used a decade ago are becoming infamous and useless with the passage of time.