Brother MFC-j885dw review

Brother Industries is a well-established multinational electronics company of Japan. It was founded in 1908. With such deep roots, the company has been known all over the world for the exceptional quality of its electronic products. One of the latest additions to their growing catalog is the Brother MFC-j885dw.

Brother MFC-j885dw is an easy and compact approach to printing. Its small size, cheaper price, wireless convenience, high productivity, and flexibility make it a definite choice to have in your office.


Size and dimensions:

The size of this product has made it more compatible and flexible to use. The dimensions are 18.7 x 17.7 x 9.9 inches. The weight of the product is 20.1 pounds, which are quite less as compared to the other giant printers in the market.

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The connectivity of this product is quite easy. It is installed with a wireless system so you can use it anywhere and anytime to scan anything. The printer could be connected to a MAC or WINDOWS with the help of a single USB cord. Cloud apps, Google cloud, AirPrint, and Wi-Fi are easily connected to the printer.

Touchscreen display:

The Brother MFC-j885dw review has gone towards the positive side due to the presence of the 2.7” touchscreen display on the front panel of the inkjet printer. The MFC buttons allow you to take control of the printer. You can use the command buttons on the screen to operate the printer.

Automatic duplex printing:

The printer is also occupied with the duplex scanning and printing. This allows printing and scanning the document on both sides simultaneously. It saves time as well.

Memory card reader:

The Brother MFC-j885dw review has been positive due to the fact that printer has a memory device inserted in it. You can use an SD card, a memory stick, and USB as well. There is a specific spot for inserting the memory devices.

Ink cartridges:

There are four in cartridges and they are installed on their own. You don’t have to install it. Fewer ink refills are needed and the price of the inks are not much.

Printing speed:

The model is a bit slow in printing speed with 5 prints per minute. So it is lagging far behind in this area in comparison to other printers.

Paper tray:

The automatic feeder can feed up to 20 sheets in a multi-page copying process. The paper tray is not as much standardized as compared to others in the market yet it can hold up to 100 sheets at a time. Although these are quite less since trays can hold up to 500 sheets nowadays, but the Brother MFC-j885dw is economical as well.

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The price of Brother MFC-j885dw falls in the range of economical printers since it can be bought easily at the rate of $ 170 to $280.

Pros and cons

The printer has shown some god and bad performances. A data collected from Brother Mfc-j885dw review show the pros and cons of the product. Here is a list of pros:

Low cost:

The cost per page is not high since the inks used are not much expensive. So you can get a bulk of prints in much lesser cost.

Duplex feature:

The duplex feature has allowed doing scanning and copying of both sides in minimum cost and time. What else could be expected from such a cheap printer?

Automatic document feeder:

One of the main features of the printer is the automatic feeding of the sheets to the printer. It saves you from worrying about the sheets since they are automatically inserted into the printer.

When we talk about the cons of the Brother Mfc-j885dw, the main things that are discussed are:

Paper capacity:

The paper capacity of 100 is much lower as compared to Epson printer that has a capacity of 500 pages.

Spongy touchscreen:

This has been a major issue of these printers since the screen gets spongy and does not work at all.

The value of money

Paying $200 for a printer with all the features that you can get in $400 printer is a much attractive offer that Brother has made.

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All the major features and that too in much economical price makes Brother MFC-j885dw a hot cake that everyone is buying for their homes and offices.